TSLY: Harnessing the Potential of the Electric Vehicle Market with YieldMax ETF

In the dynamic landscape of investment opportunities, staying informed and aware of emerging prospects is vital. One such prospect is the TSLY fund, an investment vehicle that strategically centers on the shares of Tesla Inc., a pioneering company in the electric vehicle and clean energy sectors. This distinctive fund offers a unique channel to potentially gain profits from Tesla’s market performance.

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The strategy of the TSLY fund is driven by Toroso Investments, LLC, the appointed investment adviser, and ZEGA Financial, LLC, fulfilling the role of the sub-adviser. Both firms have great experience and an in-depth understanding of the financial markets. The professional portfolio managers run the TSLY strategy competently, therefore the fund is well managed, aiming to fulfill its stated objectives.

Key Considerations Before Investing in TSLY


  • Income Generation: The fund’s strategy of writing call options on Tesla’s stock can generate substantial income, distributed to investors as dividends. This results in an exceptionally high yield, compared to other ETFs.
  • Potential for Growth: The fund’s focus on Tesla’s stock opens the door to potential capital appreciation if Tesla demonstrates strong market performance.


  • Dependence on Tesla’s Performance: The fate of the fund is inextricably tied to Tesla’s stock performance. Any downturn in Tesla’s stock could impact the fund’s returns and net asset value.
  • Risks Associated with Writing Call Options: If Tesla’s stock price surges beyond the strike price of the call options sold by the fund, it could adversely affect the fund’s performance, leading to a decrease in net asset value.
  • Non-Diversification Risk: The fund’s primary investment in Tesla’s stock means it lacks portfolio diversification, potentially leading to higher risks.

Understanding the Challenges of the TSLY Fund

Investing in TSLY carries inherent risks that warrant careful consideration. The fund’s performance directly correlates with Tesla’s stock, making it vulnerable to any negative market sentiment or operational issues experienced by Tesla. Any adverse impact on Tesla’s performance could therefore influence the fund’s returns.

Further, the fund’s strategy of writing call options is not without risk. If Tesla’s stock price exceeds the strike price of the call options sold by the fund, it could result in losses. This strategy demands cautious management by the fund managers and is influenced by broader market dynamics.

In addition, TSLY’s unique design means it lacks diversification. Its heavy focus on Tesla’s stock makes it prone to higher volatility compared to more diversified funds. While Tesla’s robust performance could fuel potential growth, the lack of diversification can amplify risk.

The Appeal of TSLY as an Alternative Source of Income

Despite these challenges, TSLY remains a compelling investment opportunity for investors who believe in Tesla’s future prospects and the overall growth trajectory of the electric vehicle and clean energy sectors. The fund offers the potential for both regular income and capital appreciation, an attractive proposition for any investment portfolio.

The fund’s income generation strategy, via the writing of call options, can provide a regular income stream to investors in dividends form. This strategy is particularly appealing to those seeking consistent returns.

Furthermore, the fund’s focus on Tesla’s stock offers potential for capital appreciation, especially if Tesla continues its strong market performance. Tesla’s innovative approach, its leadership in the electric vehicle market, and its growing clean energy business all contribute to its potential for growth.


The dividends are the selling point of this ETF, with a current enormous 50.75% distribution rate.

To illustrate, consider owning 500 shares of TSLY during the month of August, where the dividend was 0.8303. For 500 shares you would receive $415.15 prior taxes. Compared to other funds, you would need much greater capital to obtain such dividend on a monthly basis.

How to Invest in TSLY

The easiest way to invest in TSLY is to have an online account with a broker. Here we can highly recommend Interactive Brokers. Did you know that Interactive Brokers offers up to $1000 of free IBKR stock when opening an account?


The TSLY fund presents a unique investment opportunity that combines potential income generation and capital appreciation, centered around a single, yet significant player in the electric vehicle and clean energy sectors – Tesla Inc. This singular focus carries a higher risk profile compared to diversified investment options. Therefore, it is important for potential investors to understand the fund’s strategy, the characteristic risks, and the market dynamics at play. When managed correctly, TSLY could be a distinctive component in a broader, well-balanced investment portfolio.
Without a doubt, the electric vehicle market is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. This growth is propelled by significant advancements in technology and a global shift towards sustainable energy sources. Coupled with increasing public awareness of the impacts of climate change, electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to become the future of transportation.

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